Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BlacksDash 1.86

by BlackWhiteEagle
Black´s Dash by BlackWhiteEagle is a Boulder Dash Clone ...WITH A MAPEDITOR/CONVERTER(PC)!!! Up to 4 Players can play this game. Gamemodes are SINGLEPLAYER/VS,COOP,SPEEDRUN and RACE

1.81-1.86 highscorefile for each gamemode bomberdash: ITEM: invulnerable (for some seconds) player looses points if he dies... betatests, bugfixes, small changes and release...
1.80 bomerman items/levelups(maxbombs at the same time, bombrange) put bombs with one pressed key immediately while walking teleporting bombs itemgraphics some bombermanmaps
1.79 NEW GAMEMODE: BOMBERDASH bomberdash own bombexplosion score system for each player bomberdash item levelup
1.78 bomb explosion with range detectionsystem (explosion blocked by wall, stopped by an item, etc.)
1.77 rewritten debug, devoptions, etc.

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