Friday, December 23, 2011

WiiFresh v0.2b

by Wagner, Fernando, Gabriel
Wiifresh is a prototype game Frescobol Videogame. Developed as Tabalho of Course Completion (TCC) of the Faculty Exponent in 2011, Curitiba - ParanĂ¡ - Brazil, students Mottin Fernando , Gabriel Henry Batista do Nascimento and Wagner Prokot , and as advisor Professor Thom Clement Rodrigo de Souza, M. Sc .

Wiifresh The game contains the following elements:

-Programming in C / C + + using the libraries and SDKs are available from Homebrew Community
-Exploiting the Wii Remote
-Boot the game via the Homebrew Channel
-Graphic animations in 2D (two dimensions)
-Sound effects
-Interaction between two human players
-Score of the match
-Simulation of the laws of mechanics, such as motion, velocity, acceleration, gravity and direction, impact and collision between objects

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