Tuesday, December 13, 2011

cIOSX rev21d2x v7

by davebaol, xabby666, and XFlak.
This is a Custom IOS, an IOS modified to add some new features
not available in the official IOS.

This IOS has been made to be used ONLY with homebrew software.

The d2x cIOS is an enhanced version of the cIOSX rev21 by Waninkoko. To see what's new read the file Changelog.txt or visit the d2x google code project: http://code.google.com/p/d2x-cios

[ d2x v7 ]

- Refactored all modules and plugins in order to achieve code reuse through
a new common library.
- Updated ciosmaps.xml to include the IRQ4 patch required by the new
experimental EHCI module (not released yet).
- Used a more proper offset to detect DL games like Sakura Wars.
- Disabled nand emulation before returning to system menu or channel.
- Improved error 002 fix after ios reload block. Now Wii Fit Plus channel
installation works properly.
- Fixed missing identification and patch for base IOS60-v6174 in ES plugin.
- Added auto detection of the first FAT partition on the device when nand
emulation is activated without specifying any partition.
- FAT Module moved a bit forward in memory in order to create the space
required by the new experimental EHCI module (not released yet).
- Fixed a bug when closing FAT module.
- Fixed an alignement issue on file renaming in FFS plugin.
- Removed support for base IOSs with old version like IOS38 v3610.
- Added ios reload block capability for nand emulation.
- Removed FAT ISO loading support from DIP plugin (never used by any loader
and completely useless now thanks to fraglist capability added in v6).
- Fixed a memory alignement issue that could break ios reload block.
- Added bidirectional escape for invalid FAT characters in nand emulation.
- Now FAT_GetUsage returns fake values for WiiWare/VirtualConsole and real
values taken from FAT for disc-based Wii games. This workaround has proven
to improve nand emulation compatibility.
- Added a thread to make the drive led blink when writing to FAT.
- Added nand emulation mode rev17-like (experimental).
- Fixed COD MW3 online update on full nand emulation. More generally this fix
should improve compatibility with DLC installation on emulated nand also for
games like COD Black Ops, Rock Band 3 and Guitar Hero 5.
- Now the tree /import is emulated in partial mode too. This way COD MW3 online
update and DLC installation work properly in partial emulation.
- Added a hack that allows No More Heroes 2 to create the save file in nand
emulation mode (tnx to Sneek source).
- Minor changes and code clean up.

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