Tuesday, December 13, 2011

BlacksDash 1.72

by BlackWhiteEagle
Black´s Dash by BlackWhiteEagle is a Boulder Dash Clone ...WITH A MAPEDITOR/CONVERTER(PC)!!! Up to 4 Players can play this game. Gamemodes are SINGLEPLAYER/VS,COOP,SPEEDRUN and RACE

-better logic and graphics
-new textures, transparency, music, sound/music volume
-added stonegenerator, diamondgenerator, teleporters, mower(blocker)
-teleporters teleport only if destination is free 1<->2 3<->4...
-teleporters automatically teleporting objects back after ~5 seconds
-added levelfileparam (leveldesigner)
-save/load configfile
better scoreboard
game is resizable under win/linux (windowed and fullscreen!) (wii has fixed -resolution 640x448)
-textboxes with border
-diamonds with random color/playercolor
-extended mapconverterscript

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