Monday, March 28, 2011

Eri HaKawai v1 (New Exploit)

New exploit for NTSC & PAL.

GiantPune's Notes
This is another wii exploit. This time for "Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of
the New World" (RT4EAF). It works by exploiting a buffer overflow. This was
originally found by Pierre "delroth" Bourdon. He has written an exploit that
works on the PAL version of the game. And he provided enough information that
making this one only took a couple hours.

Source code is included that I used to make the exploit ( all of it is licensed
under GPLv2 ). Its a 2-part deal. Build the stuff in the "loader" folder, and
it should produce "loader.bin". Then, using the Qt SDK, build the ""
project. It should create a program called "ToSHack". This program will look
for a couple different files. It reads "./loader/loader.bin" which is the loader
you already built, next it reads "./baseSave/0001000052543445/01.dat" which is
the data file from some save I found online. Then, it inserts the elf loader
into the original save, overwrites some stuff to create the buffer overflow,
fixes the checksums, and writes it to argv[1]. Once you have this, just pack it
up with segher's tools.

Again, everything involved is licensed under GPLv2. You can do with it just
about whatever you want. I ask that you please refrain from mirroring these
files but instead link people back here.

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