Sunday, March 20, 2011

BoltThrower 0.36

by Titmouse
A bolt throwing demo.

• Added Radar - showing enemies, mines, missiles & satellites
• Added Menu, Intro & Credits screen
• Intro screen logo made from mines (scanned from tinylogo.tga), these mines start of slow then spurt off after the crafts.
• Added Music - 'Space Debris' Amiga tracker module, plays while in the menu screens
• Add Trails to enemy crafts
• Changed trails for missiles and mines
• Changed to way collisions work - ship to ship collisions now destroy enemy crafts
• Change the way the 'you are dead' screen looks
• Added 'bye' screen
• Fixed zero bugs "which was nice" - I've noticed the looped engine sound plays on into the menus if you died with thrust burning, I'll fix that on next release, at the moment its a feature ;)
• Added Hardware Drawlist for 3D objects - so pre-build objects can be spat out without the need of the main CPU
• Increased the resolution of Wiimote to help pointer travel off screen and still be active around the edges
• Changed the look of some resource graphics - mainly explosions which also double up as stars and exhaust trails
• Optimised the mines - I was creating and displaying a new mine trail every frame, requiring about 60 objects plus all the overheads that go with it.
• Optimised the dispay code for most objects.
• Added a lower detail moon with some rocks spinnig in orbit
• Improved the lighting on 3D objects
• Added ingame backdrop far into the Z plane so it scrolls slowly, reduced from 1024 width at the last minute to 800 pixels so it fits the 2MB upload limmit - I'm just far to lazy to look for somewhere else to upload, plus its a challenge making a game fit into 2MB ;)

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