Saturday, January 9, 2010

Road Fighter Wii

by Moreira

Road Fighter was an MSX game released in 1985 by Konami. In 2003, the Brain Games team released a remake of this game with double-resolution graphics (and other subtle changes), written in SDL:

Credits for the original team:
Programming: Santi Ontañón Graphics: Miikka Poikela Music/SFX: Jorrith Schaap Beta Testing: Jason Eames, Miikka Poikela, Jorrith Schaap, Santi Ontañón
This Wii port was written using SDL_Wii and its dependencies. Huge thanks for the Scummvm Wii port author for the useful tips on how to cross-compile Tremor (OGG Vorbis decoder library) for Wii

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