Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Categorii 2.0 Pre-set Package #1 & #2

by xflak40

Keep all your apps organized into different folders (sub-directories) using Categorii v2.0 (and/or Homebrew Sorter).

Another great feature of categorii is being able to password protect certain folders (and hence certain apps), this way you can stop worrying about kids (or noobs friends) using dangerous apps that have the potential to brick you (ie. any title deleter). To add a password you have to edit the meta.xml for that categorii folder (instructions on how to edit the meta.xml are on the categorii wiibrew website)

This preset package has the following Categorii's/Folders already set up (without any passwords)


*pictures of icons for the above folders can be seen here

Each Categorii also has a back button(to go back to the main/normal app folder)

This download also included Homebrew Sorter(Homebrew Sorteris an alternative to categorii, I still prefer categorii, but some users may prefer homebrew sorter)

Categorii v2.0 Pre-set Package #1 (Tree Style)
One category (lets call it apps_) that consists only of links to all the other categories, and all the other categories would have a link back button that take you back to the main folder (apps_)

Categorii v2.0 Pre-set Package #2 (Web Style)
This is the "Web" package, so each categorii has links to every other categorii (like a web)

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