Saturday, January 2, 2010

QWRev Release 2

by Izhido

A port of the client component of the original QuakeWorld engine to the Nintendo Wii.

The engine is a feature-complete implementation of the QuakeWorld 2.40 engine. Unlike Q1Rev, there are LOTS of servers around the world that are able to accept this engine as a client for netplay. Be aware, however, that some of them might need a modified version of the communications protocol. Experiment with as much servers as you want in order to get the desired results.

Get the newest release, and find out what's new, at .

-Classic Controller can now be used to play; controls are similar to those in use by the Gamecube Controller.
-Pressing [A] to aim is now optional; a Menu Option was provided for such effect.
-Bug fixes in the way the Nunchuk controller was handled, causing problems when moving on water.

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