Thursday, January 21, 2010

Memo: Wii news neighbours

We Brew Wii would like to respectfully ask all neighbouring Wii news sites to start accrediting We Brew Wii for its original Wii news source posts.

We Brew Wii found several original news source posts, all found since tehskeens unfortunate end, which were not found by any other news site and were only found on the author's official page. These original posts were quite quickly replicated witin 24hours of the We Brew Wii post, by several unamed neighbouring sites. Further neighbouring news sites only reference the first news replicator. Not the original news source posts.

In the spirit of honest cooperation, We Brew Wii will accredit our respectful neighbours for their original news source posts. Please respectfully do the same for us.

Much thanks to our neighbours who already do!