Monday, October 19, 2009

Twilight Hack System Menu 4.1 - New Exploit

by Tgames, Cashman

Here is a video of a project where Twilight Hack 0.1 beta1 functions on Wii System Menu 4.1

Important Notes on Video & Patch
-The patcher can remove the deletion check on System Menu 4.1 and allow it function properly
-A homebrew (not developed in-house) was used to flash the original backup and replace it with the Team Twiizer Beta2.

This will be integrated in future homebrew in the final version, and during the patching of the system menu, the backup will be patched! Also, if you ever delete the backup, simply recreate a normal backup Zelda, then run the patcher in future development.

The video shows only part of the actual "patch". IOS249 is a temporary means to install the patches, another vulnerability will be used in the future.

More information will be provided as it comes out.

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