Saturday, October 10, 2009

DOSBox Wii 1.0

by Tantric, Carl Kenner
DOSBox is a DOS emulator.

-USB Keyboard and mouse support.
-Wiimote pointer support. Wiimote pointer support.
-SD/USB mounting. SD / USB mounting.
-Most DOS games are playable. Most DOS games are playable.

You need a Wii Remote and a USB keyboard.

The C: drive will automatically be mounted to sd:/DOSBox/ if loaded from apps/dosbox-wii/. Otherwise, the directory the dol is loaded from will be mounted as C, and sd:/DOSBox as D (if present). The Z: driver is a virtual drive that is part of DOSBox.

Other drives can be mounted using the MOUNT command. Prefix sd: for an SD card, and usb: for a USB drive. The Wii's DVD drive and network folders can't be mounted at this time.

The configuration file is loaded from the directory the dol is located in (if present) and sd:/DOSBox/dosbox.conf otherwise. This file will be created automatically after you start DOSBox. Please edit it with a text editor to choose settings appropriate for each game.

Press the Home button, type "exit", press Ctrl+F9, or press Reset (on the console) to exit.

-Home menu and on-screen keyboard (a proof of concept showing SDL + libwiigui)
-Small speed increases via SDL Wii improvements
-Compiled with devkitPPC r18 and libogc 1.8.0
-Updated to latest DOSBox SVN

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