Friday, July 3, 2009

Wolfenstein 3D Wii 1.3

by MrPeanut

A port of the classic game "Wolfenstein 3D" for the Nintendo wii. Based on Wolf4SDL v.1.6

- Adlib (synthesized) sound and music now work 100%. I want to thank Tantric for his work on the SDL port for the wii. The SDL_Sound code is awesome!
- A little tweaking with the IR turning. Added a "DeadZone" variable to the engine which discards input from the controller if it is a certain amount of pixels from the center of the screen (this number is customizable in the misc options menu). The idea behind this is that turning your character using the wiimote doesn't appear so
sensitive and jerky. Thanks Arikado for this idea.
- Fixed the typo in the cheat menu, Thanks Roobix.

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