Sunday, July 26, 2009

Revolution Engine 0.4alfa1

Revolution Engine is the very First homebrew 3D Game Engine for Wii. It is directly based on GX without any GL wrapper or similars. Natively designed for Wii, is capable of generating best homebrew graphics ever seen on this games console.

-3D System
-- Tirangle meshes, Quad meshes and mixed meshes Rendering
-- Advanced transparency
-- Custom file formats for 3D meshes
-- Vertex lighting, software based
-- Multiple cameras
-- Node Based
-Material System
-- Textured Objects
-- U V coordinates
-- Diffuse Color
-- Specular Color
-- Transparency
-- Glossmap or glossiness
-- Specularity
-- Tiling (Under construction)
-- Mixed through TEV
-2D system
-- Node Based
-- True type texts, GX Based
-- Multiple Viewports
-- Solid panels
-- Image-based panels
-- IR pointers for up to 4 players
-- Buttons
-- Windows
-- Content Manager (Under construction)

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