Monday, July 20, 2009

Balance Board Pro 1.0

by Paulus, Paul Craven

A full-featured toolset for use with the Wii Balance Board.

- High-quality GUI for easy navigation.
- WiiMote cursor navigation.
- Nice background music and sound effects to enhance your weighing pleasure.
- Zero/Calibrate the scale with the press of a button.
- Fine-tuner button to lock onto precise readings, accurate up to two decimal places.
- Three precise, dynamic weighing modes:
- Center of Gravity with target practice option.
- weight display in analog and digital formats in both KG and LB.
- Pro Board that features center of gravity cursor, total weight, and readouts of all four Balance Board sensors in both KG and LB so you can more accurately see how weight is centered and moved around.
- Overweight warning.
- Board indicator icon.

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