Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DMLizard 1.2

by eN-t
Helps you to download, rename, edit, convert, copy, paste and install all the necessary files you need to add DML-support to your USB Loader. DMLizard offers you a great variety of tasks to perform so you can enjoy GameCube games on your Wii with your favourite USB backup loader. To achieve the possibility of loading GameCube games from front-SD you need to install DIOS MIOS Lite [DML]. DML will be patched into the MIOS - the easiest way to do so is to create a patched WAD-container on your PC and afterwards install the WAD on your Wii with YAWMM.

DMLizard can perform the following tasks for you:

  • create an up-to-date DML WAD file
  • convert games using DiscEX (compression auto-detect)
  • convert savegames using gci2nmm
  • download needed files and apps
  • download and prepare a DML compatible USB backup loader
  • download an app to dump your GameCube games
  • and more...

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