Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wire3D 1.0.1

by antibyte
Wire3D (Wii Independent Rendering Engine 3D) is an open source, object oriented, multiplatform 3D engine written in C++, supporting homebrew Wii and Windows (DirectX). It provides a framework to developers for writing platform agnostic 3D applications (including physics using the Bullet Physics library) that run on Wii and Windows out of the box.

-debug build uses custom operator new/delete
-unified handling of platform dependent index buffers
-fixed ResetDevice issue when D3DPOOL_DEFAULT objects are used
-turned importer into lib
-handle render states that are defined per material (additionally to per node/leaf -defined render states)
-handle vertex and index buffer access usage types
-keep record of number of imported materials, textures, nodes, geometries, vertex buffers, index buffers
-fixed memory leak
-added Bullet Physics lib to solution for wii and win
-added Unity3D exporter
-fixed 3rd party lib gcc warnings

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