Sunday, January 15, 2012

SaveGame Manager GX r118

by dj_skual, Giantpune
Install/Extract saved game files. Based on Waninkoko's SaveGame Manager.

* Removed buggy focus system completely (it was never working correct)
* Added support to control screen pointer with gc pad, nunchuk or classic
controller. you are always able to control as long as the corresponding wii
control does not point to the screen (e.g. wiimote 1 not pointing to screen ->
gcpad/nunchuk/classic controller 1 can control pointer 1). A speed factor is
added to the gui option (thx dimok)
* Added Numpad text theme and is applied with keyboard theme entries
* Added flush of homebrew memory before launching app_booter

* Added Data.bin extraction (official nintendo format) from nand to storage
device only if the app is running under real nand.
* Added custom path to selected where must be extracted your data.bin by default
* Added Keys class to find some Wii keys
* Changed the animation behavior of icons (thanks antidote)
* Some little changes in fileops, DirList and IosLoader::GetIosInfo()
* Fixed false loading of custom dip module on d2x cIOS (thx dimok)
* Converted all ogg sounds from 44.1 khz to 48 khz (thx dimok)
* Fixed bad memory deallocation in data.bin fonctions to avoid corrupted datas

* Added libseeprom (a library that provides filesystem access to the Wii's
* Added libotp (a library that provides filesystem access to the Wii's OTP)
* Updated libext2fs to 1.0.4 r19

* Removed all functions related to the "index.sgmgx" file (perhaps a future
emulated nand saves support...)
* Fixed ExtractAllMiis() code dump.
* Fixed GameTDB url.

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