Sunday, January 22, 2012

Casper 2.0

by giantpune
Casper is a program written for the Wii. This program was created to load bootmii from an SD card. Now you can run those fun MINI programs on your little sister's Wii even if your mom doesn't want you to hack away on it.

-Change Log-
•initial release

•a few changes suggested by tueidj
•accept parameters via argv. supported are:
◦"--iosV=" specify ios version. 8-bit dec number is allowed.
◦"--iosR=" pass an ios revision to set for loaded module. 16-bit dec or hex with the prefix "0x" is allowed
◦"--app=" specify a file to be read from the SD card. it should start with "sd:/".
◦"--geckoChannel=" load from USB gecko flash. this is the gecko slot to use: 0 or 1.
◦"--geckoOffset=" offset in the usb gecko flash to read the binary. format is the same as the twilight hack a u32 is read from that offset which is the size, and the rest of the data follows. 32-bit numbers in dec, or hex with a 0x prefix are allowed.
•If loading the SD path fails, then try to load from USB gecko flash at 0x20000 in slot 1 then slot 0
•default to passing IOS 254 v0xff01 to module so if it loading is ceilingcat, it will skip the autoboot

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