Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dios Mios Lite (cMIOS) r21

by WiiPower, obcd, scooby74029, OverjoY, conanac, emu_kidid, exp0wnster
Use DML to run Gamecube games from SD

* Fixed some values about the used sram for the code, stack and heap(Crediar)
* Disablig the VIInit patch on PAL games if the SRAM is set to PAL, this should
this the black bar on PAL60

* Allow booting gamecube retail discs without sd card inserted
* Allow MIOS to patch games on retail discs like Wind Waker
* Added launching gamecube homebrew like cMIOS do, but DML is still NOT a cMIOS!
* Allowing gamecube homebrew to read DVD-Rs like cMIOS do
* Commented out some functions to save some memory

* Reverted some of the EXIControl and Shutdown changes. They were not safe in
these 3 functions.

* Added a new patch for DVDReadAbsAsyncPrioForBS(thanks to Crediar again). Now
multi .dol games should work.
* Deleting the boot.bin after reading. And if there's no boot.bin, DML boots the
inserted retail disc. This alows to boot retail GC discs from the disc channel
* Changed the handling of critical errors. The EXI control register is not
changed anymore and Shutdown() is always called on critical errors. Hopefully
one of both fixes the file table deleting problems.
* Changed some debug output.

* r15 and r16 are unstable, only use them at your on risk! They might erase your FAT file table * Added 2 more DVDReadAbsAsyncPrio patch options

* Using the games' dvd read patch for apploaders as well now. This at least finds the dvd read function of the 2nd apploader on multi .dol games.

* Added LDVDReadAbsAsyncPrio for the DVDReadAbsAsyncPrio of apploaders, fixes the multi .dol issue to 50% * Fixed the bug introduced in r13

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