Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2011-11

by Wiimm
Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2011-11, the successor of Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2011-08, is a Custom Track Distribution made by Wiimm. It is released as ISO Patcher. This ISO Patcher can also create a Riivolution setup.

Changes since Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2011-08
Removed tracks (12)
1.2 Bowser's Fortress RC1 (MRbuttCHINS)
1.3 DS Luigi's Mansion v1 (Pati)
1.4 Thwomp Factory boost (Igorseabra4,Wiimm)
2.2 SM64 Whomp's Fortress v2.2 (Reedy94)
2.4 Stronghold Castle RC1b (HelloImYourMind)
3.2 Volcanic Skyway v3.0 (BigOto)
3.4 Pipe Underworld v1.1 (BigOto)
4.3 Incendia Castle (MrBean,Teknik)
4.4 SNES Rainbow Road (Teknik)
6.2 GCN Yoshi Circuit (Cagnouto,Tock)
7.1 Dry Coast RC1.7b (Putinas,AndyK,Wiimm)
7.3 DK Jungle Tour v1.2 (HelloImYourMind,Wiimm)
New tracks (10)
1.3 F-Zero White Land I v1.0 (Jefe)
1.4 Punch City v2 (HelloImYourMind)
2.4 N64 Koopa Troopa Beach RC1 (Captain Kwark+Wiimm)
3.1 Water Island RC4 (LuigiCTGPMaster)
3.2 Rooster Island v1.0 (Jefe)
4.3 Misty Ruins v0.9.b2 (Vulcanus2)
4.4 SNES Rainbow Road (Fragezeichen+Tock)
6.2 GBA Ribbon Road RC1 (DemyxIX)
7.1 N64 Kalimari Desert v1.7 (Captain Kwark,Wiimm)
7.3 GCN Mushroom City RC1 (Torran)
New boost track
1.2 GBA Luigi Circuit - boost
Texture change
2.2 GCN Yoshi Circuit TC (Cagnouto,Reedy94)
Slot changed
3.1 → 3.4 Volcanic Skyway v2.2 (BigOto2,Wiimm)
New character texture hack
Waluigi @ Bowser Bike is now Black Mage @ Wiimote (by MKDasher).

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