Sunday, November 6, 2011

Swingball 2 v0.3

by ThatOtherPerson

ThatOtherPerson's Notes
Another update to Swingball 2. If you make something cool with the level editor then don’t hesitate to post it in the comments.

Notable changes:
Added a level editor.
You now have a score which is displayed at the top of the screen and decreases as time passes.
If you score reaches zero then you lose.
Your score increases when you collect the white orbs.
High scores are automatically saved and displayed in the level selection screen.
The level selection screens scrolls so it can deal with a quantity of levels that would be too large to comfortable display on screen.
The “automatic win” level has been made more elaborate.
I added 10 place holder levels for you to edit (you can edit levels but you can’t create new ones from within the game yet).

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