Sunday, November 13, 2011

Settings Editor GUI 1.1

by JoostinOnline
Change your Wii settings.
Things you can change:
•Screen resolution
•Aspect ratio
•Sensor bar position
•Sound mode
•Wii remote rumble
•Screen burn-in reduction
•Shutdown mode
•Wii remote sensitivity
•Wii Connect 24
•Internet Settings (boot directly into them)

•It displays properly in 576i
•You can now CHANGE to 576i
•You can turn WiiConnect24 on and off
•Booting into Internet Settings is an option
•Cut down loading speed by 50%
•Changes Saved message only lasts 1 second instead of 2
•Got rid of the text at the bottom since the title and credits are in the meta.xml file
•Compiled with libogc v1.8.6 (older) so the Internet Settings option would work.
•If you are using a wii remote only, the pointer is not displayed if you go outside the valid range (i.e. not pointing at the screen)

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