Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wii Mod 3.0

by jskyboo
A tool that will let you install IOSs, channels, system menus, and more!

-Fixed bug fetching region for some system menus that was introduced in 2.9
-Fixed IOS 3 not showing in IOS menu
-Changed so if it crashes it will reboot in 5 seconds
-Fixed some issues with install cios
-Changed batch wad (un)/installs so it says what # its on
-Added support for IOS 253 bootsneek so check IOS doesn't choke on it
-Wad Manager no longer lists mac os x metadata files(._ files)
changed wad manager so it reloads AutoLoadIOS on install if AutoLoadOnInstall
is set
-Added option onlyCheckIOSOnDemand, if set it'll only check IOSs when called
from the check IOS menu
-Added option on Check IOS menu, if you have AHBPROT it will check IOS < 28
instead of skipping them, this may make you lose AHBPROT depending on the
patches you have applied.
-During system menu installs it checks if you have the correct IOS it now
will check the permissions of the IOS if you haven't run Check IOS yet.
-Merged some changes from BLIND
-Can now change System Menu to run on IOS <22
-Install system menu from wad
-Now compiled with devkitPPC 24 and libogc 1.8.8

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