Sunday, October 23, 2011

cBoot252 v1.1

by JoostinOnline
cBoot252 is a modification of Bootmii as IOS and cBoot2.

•Never have to bother switching out your bootmii and cboot2 folders again
•Load cboot2 via any exploit such as Bannerbomb or Smash Stack. All exploits are included.
•Load cboot2 through a custom channel (included).
•Load cboot2 through the HBC.
•Load cboot2 through Priiloader/postLoader
•Through cboot2 and the included Wii Mod 2.9, you can use many dangerous features (woot!) without a patched IOS or AHBPROT.

-Updated Wii Mod to v2.9.
-Removed wiimod folder and wiimod.txt, as support for cBoot252 is now built into Wii Mod.

-Added new HBC icon to Full and HBC packs (thanks fraggelpower666)
-Channel has a new banner and icon (thanks fraggelpower666)
-Changed "BootIOS Mod" to "cBoot252"

-First public release

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