Sunday, October 2, 2011

d2x cIOS Installer 3.1

by dragbe, davebaol, xabby666 and XFlak
Official Homebrew to install d2x cIOS v3 and v4-beta maintained by davebaol, xabby666 and XFlak

- d2x cIOS v4, v5 and v6 support
- hybrid cIOS and potentially any cIOS support
- module to add new cIOS in d2x cIOS installer without having to recompile it
- available IOS bases: IOS37 v5662, IOS38 v4123, IOS53 v5662, IOS55 v5662, IOS56 v5661, IOS57 v5918, IOS58 v6175
- installation slot support (200 --> 255 except slots 202, 222, 223, 224, 242 and 254)
- online and offline installation (WAD support)
- SD and USB devices support
- classic controllers, Wiimotes and Game Cube pads support
- argument --ios=XXX support in the meta.xml file to fix the IOS used by d2x cIOS installer (only active without AHBPROT)
- argument --remove-cache support in the meta.xml file to delete the cache folder at the d2x cIOS installer exit
- HW_AHBPROT support (enabled by default)
- option to select the cIOS revision
- batch installation support
- module to save/load an installation config file
- module to save a NUS script
- uninstall cIOS feature restricted to the slots 200+

- Better management of the queue facility.
- Better management of warning messages.
- Fixed tags and no_ios_reload release_date in meta.xml.
- Support of external cIOS operational again.
- More rapid return to homebrew channel.

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