Sunday, June 19, 2011

SaveGame Manager GX r106

by dj_skual, Giantpune
Install/Extract saved game files. Based on Waninkoko's SaveGame Manager.

* Added an automatic resource list generation script which is executed when
files are added/removed (Thanks Dimok)
* Added an own class for the HomebrewPrompt
* Added booting with arguments from meta.xml for homebrews
* Added an argument receiver from meta.xml to the app: "-ios=xxx". The ios is
the boot IOS on startup.
* Fixed Homebrew Browser duplicate buttons for apps with more than one dol in
the app folder
* Fixed lot of problems with USB HDD (need feedback)
* Fixed the "GoogleCode" AutoUpdate problem (one more time...)

NOTE: You will need to update to this revision manually. Due to a few changes
from Google on the GoogleCode site, the autoupdater doesn't work anymore. This
is fixed in the new revision for future releases.

NOTE2: Here, lines needed to add argument in your meta:


* Improved HomebrewList creation speed up
* Improved CheckSave function speed up
* Fixed ThemeReload code dump
* Completely reworked fileops file (now using DirList)

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