Saturday, June 11, 2011

cIOSX rev21d2x v6 Final

by davebaol, xabby666, and XFlak.

What is d2x?
This is the second version of the modified EHCI module included in cIOSX rev21.

It should definitely fix the following issues:

•d2x v6: IOS Reload Block: The Ultimate Solution
◦DIP - Added fraglist to support potentially any file system (tnx oggzee).
◦DIP - Added support in fraglist for sector size greater than 512B (typically needed for HDD > 2TB).
◦DIP - Module moved forward in memory and ram section resized.
◦ESP - Module moved forward in memory.
◦FFSP - Module moved forward in memory.
◦EHCI - Fixed an annoying compatibility issue affecting many usb loaders.
◦Code clean up and other minor changes.

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