Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SaveGame Manager GX r87

by dj_skual, Giantpune
Install/Extract saved game files. Based on Waninkoko's SaveGame Manager.

* Completely changed the way of savegames extract/install process (Tales of
Symphonia fix)
* Removed old waninkoko savegame_copydata() fonction
* Changed the WiiTDB link (smaller file)
* Some source clean and little fixes

Old Saves extracted with SaveGame Manager GX are not supported anymore
If you want to support old saves:

* create a file named "banner.bin.sgmgx_index"
* open this file and write inside "banner.bin"
* put this file on your SD in the same folder of your banner file:
* repeat for each file:

Take care to name correctly the file (respect case) in your .sgmgx_index file
cause the wii will use this to create the file on the nand with the good
character case!!!

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