Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Alien Breed 2010 Wii Build 18 Beta

by Habitualcoder
Remake of Alien Breed (1992).

Habitualcoder's Notes

Wiiab for the Nintendo Wii comes in a Homebrew Channel friendly package.

Simply unzip the archive into the apps directory of your homebrew SD card and it will create an apps/abinst directory suitable for its use with the Homebrew Channel.

Start the Homebrew Channel, locate the Alien Breed Installer entry and click on its icon using the Nintendo Wii Remote, then click on the Load button.

The installer must download some game media from the PC version on the internet. A working Wii Wifi is required. If you do not have working Wifi then download FlashJesterPunk's PC version [1] and place the zip file within the apps/abinst directory on your sdcard.

Follow the on screen instructions to install the game.

Once the installer has finished a new apps/alienbreed directory will have been created on your SD card.

You may now delete the Alien Breed Installer entry from the Homebrew Channel.

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