Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pie Chart! 0.5

by Duke2kx

Pac Man type game.

Creator's Notes
Behold! It is a shameless rip off of the classic arcade hit Pac Man!

Having never programmed anything with graphics or a UI before (I specialize in data-manipulation programs), this was a fun little C programming exercise in order to give my wife something she'll actually play as she loves pac man. Currently at revision 0.5, I've just completed the core gameplay programming and it's time for my first stable release. Enjoy!

There will probably be lots of overscan problems on your tv, this build is specifically made for mine. I'll hopefully find a way to fix this in the future, but for the moment I'm most focusing on the AI programming, which I would love some help on. Thanks to everyone over at GRRLIB for their lovely library and programming help.

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