Sunday, October 3, 2010

ThemeShooterX 1.1

by Leathl
ThemeShooterX (made by Leathl) is a Mac OS X version of ThemeShooter (Universal Binary, 32bit PPC and 32/64bit Intel). I made this when I started to learn coding for Mac and was in lack of ideas for applications. It should run under Leopard and Snow Leopard and might also run under Tiger, but I'm not able to test or ensure that, as I have no machine running Tiger.

There are a few differences to the original application:
-Each opened theme gets its own window including a preview
-You can choose 4:3 and 16:9 (widescreen)
-Preferences (changed preferences only affect new opened windows):
-Draw a pointer (hand) on Themeshots
-Draw the description defined in theme.xml on Themeshots
-Adjustable blur effect on Themeshots to get a TV-like look
-Use application database (see below)

-Allowing zips without theme.xml file
-Images will be checked for size
-Warning for wrong sized images via log
-New preference: Random bubbles (6 - 12 bubbles, random size and position, including collision detection)
-Added grid-view themeshots

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