Thursday, March 14, 2013

Homebrew Filter r42

by hamachi-mp
Homebrew Filter is an open source alternative to the Homebrew Channel. It also has custom theme support.

- changed default options:
  * disable checking for new version automatically
  * enable sd-card debug logging
- added option for choosing whether bootmii boot2 is installed (adds "Load BootMii (Boot2)" in Exit-Prompt
- black-listed v65280 of IOS254 (if that version is installed there's no "Load BootMii (IOS)" anymore in Exit-Prompt
- ensure 'Launch Priiloader' is only shown if Priiloader is really installed (in some cases it could appear even if Priiloader hasn't been installed)
- fixed a bug that caused black-screen when returning into HBF from app loaded with
- build separate vWii-version using FIX94s NAND-Loader (still using modified Waninkoko NAND-Loader on real Wii)
- build using libruntimeiospatch 1.3
- vWii version does disable functions not applicable on vWii
- installer now falls back to IOS236 if there's no HW_AHBPROT access
- updated HBF0 (forwarder for standalone version) with FIX94 forwarder 12.7 (both Wii/vWii) and FIX94 NAND-Loader (vWii only)
- Update-System for standalone-versions now available
- Settings can now be saved when using HBF0 channel aswell
- "Restart HBF" does now distinguish between HBF0 and THBF
- about-dialog now shows the HBF flavour (Wii/vWii, forwarder/fullchannel)
- "Return to" from homebrews into HBF0 works again

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