Sunday, June 3, 2012

QRevPAK r4

by Izhido
Quake Rev PAK is a collection of gaming engines, related to the Quake series of games by id Software, modified to run on the Nintendo Wii, using the popular devkitPPC toolchain for homebrew development.

The provided launcher will start the following games (provided that their respective game data files were copied into the installation folder):

-Quake (using the Q1Rev engine)
-QuakeWorld (using the QWRev engine)
-Quake II (using the Q2Rev engine)
-Quake II Threewave Capture The Flag (using the Q2CTFRev engine)

  •     New GX-accelerated builds of Q2Rev and Q2CTFRev.
  •     Support for the official Quake and Quake II Mission Packs, now available in the Quake Rev PAK launcher.
  •     Lots of bug fixes, including an embarrasing one where left & right sound channels were inverted (oops!)
  •     Fixed a problem with Quake II savegame files, which were not compatible between releases. Starting from Release 4, all new savegame files will work as expected.
  •     Also starting from this release, it will be required that the game data folders be located inside folders called "Q1" and "Q2" at the engines folder level. This will help having Quake and Quake II data separated, and thus be able to play the "rogue" Mission Packs (Dissolution of Eternity, Ground Zero).
NOTICE: The config.cfg data generated by previous releases of the Q2Rev and Q2CTFRev engines might contain invalid data. It is recommended that you delete them before playing the Quake II games. The engines will recreate the config.cfg files when they are not found.

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