Sunday, June 3, 2012

FBZX Wii v3

by Oibaf
FBZX is a ZX Spectrum emulator for FrameBuffer written by Sergio Costas and ported to Wii by Oibaf.

  • Emulates accurately the Original 48Kspectrum (both issue 2 and issue 3), the classic 128K, the Amstrad Plus 2, the Amstrad Plus 2A and the Spanish 128K. This includes screen, keyboard and sound (both speaker and AY-3-8912 chip).
  • Screen emulation is extremely accurate, so it can emulate border effects and even attribute effects.
  • Supports Z80 snapshots, both loading and saving, and loading .SNA snapshots.
  • Supports TAP (both read and write) and TZX (only read) tape files, supporting normal speed loading and fast speed loading.
  • Emulates up to 2 joysticks of types: kempston, cursor and sinclair1 and sinclair2.
  • All the wiimote, nunchuck and classic controller buttons and joypads are fully configurable.
  • Virtual keyboard support.
  • Emulates the Interface I and Microdrive.
  • Emulates the ULAPlus
  • Based in a new, fully free, Z80 emulator (Z80Free).
 Version 3
  •     Added arrows keys binding to joysticks
  •     Added game configuration management
  •     Changed general configuration management
  •     Added ultraspeed turbo mode
  •     Added ULA+ contention
  •     Fixed bug in sound and increased volume
  •     Fixed some bugs in Z80 emulation. Ant Attack works now
  •     Fixed some other small bugs 
Version 2
  •     Added smb support
  •     Added usb disk support
  •     Added joypad as joystick function
  •     Added saving of all configurations and buttons
  •     Improved virtual keyboard
  •     Fixed bug in sound emulation
  •     Fixed some other small bugs 

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