Sunday, September 4, 2011

Newo Shooter 2.0

by Owen
Newo Shooter is a rail shooter in a third-person and first-person 3D perspective. The player must navigate his spacecraft, through environments while various enemies (spaceships, robots, creatures, etc.) attack him. Enemies drop various power-ups (free lives, 50% health, weapon upgrades, shields) to help the player. The player receives a score on each level based on how many enemies destroyed. At the end of each level there is a boss that the player must defeat before progressing to the next level.

-Added 2 new levels and 8 new cheats.
-Updated the menu system and added a intro/credits screen.
-Added motion control options.
-Added new models created by Julian Mathonet, new backgrounds designed by Des Walker.
-Added music composed by benanderson89
-Added New title screen designed by
-Updated Lua scripting (background_texture_load, set_obj_looped, set_obj_model, load_model)
-Fixed many bugs and mysteries.

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