Sunday, August 21, 2011

Priiloader German Mod 0.7 - Final Version

by BöhserOnkel
German version of Priiloader v0.7

In the final version a lot has happened. In addition to a clean up of the source code and the removal of various bugs, it has a screenshot feature that integrates and improves the installation of custom themes.

- "Install / Load / Delete File" - meta.xml information is read and stored when you are in a subfolder of "apps", install takes a little longer
- Display Updatebug fixed in the main menu
- Fixed several Anzeigebugs, regarding error messages
- read files and folders extracted to extra function
- Code cleanup
- Screenshot functions, remote button HOME -> fat: / Priiloader / Priiloader png, max?.. 99
Select the Insert link changed to "use shortcut" select and press A, then the *. dol A, FORWARDER.dol needs to be updated -
- Custom Theme installation optimized with respect to folder name = file name

- Fixed Codedump, "iospatch" Lib modified
- Custom Theme optimized patch is removed when uninstalling
- app_booter of dimoks WiiXplorer R214
removed TMD Brick -
- screenshot function, remote key 1 -> fat: / Priiloader / png Priiloader?. , max. 99
- User ModMii allowed users not SoftWii
- update takes about 2 seconds ;-)
... and many more ...

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