Sunday, August 28, 2011

BoltThrower 0.59

by Titmouse
Bolt Thrower is currently single player Space Shoot 'Em Up.

Ver 0.59 - 09/07/2011
-Added radar pings to enemy spore satellites - It was hard to spot them and complete the first mission!
-Added a startup "Loading..." message

Ver 0.58 - 08/07/2011
-Added more front menus
-Added In game music
-Added scrap pick-ups after enemy is destroyed
-Added some missions - mission 6 4 will never end!
-Added Base defences (gun turrets) on later levels
-Added rendezvous & collect terraforming satellites
-Added base's terraforming shield
-Added enemy fleet attack formations
-Added some more 3D objects
-Added skull at death

Ver 0.47 - 23/04/2011
-Added enemy gunships - just noticed I forgot to add these to the radar, my bad
-Added bigger mine explosions
-Added a controls menu screen - (will add more later to pick other control methods)
-Updated main menu - now shows a 3D WiiMote in the background
-Updated Credits - now shows a 3D Viper (MK2) in the background
-Reduced amount of enemies
-Updated enemies movement logic - speedy enemies now find it harder to lock-on
-Update Intro screen - camera view glides in 3D space
-Added Camera catch-up the player's craft - the player craft will now drift away from the centre
-Added some new 3D models - Viper (MK2) & Wiimote
-Updated 3D object code to use all the layers in a Lightwave object (lwo)
-Bit of code refactoring (reworking internal design), hopefully everything will still work the same

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