Thursday, September 2, 2010

NanoMechas 0.8

by EvilTroopa, Olyfno
Multiplayer action game ! Fight alien viruses with NanoMechas

In year 20XX, aliens came to Earth to invade us humans.
Instead of showing massive artillery, they sent viruses to infect and kill all populations.

A few people could hide themselves in caves to prepare for counterstrike. Scientists created NanoMechas to fight infections from within the contamined people.
One there NanoArmy will be ready, they’ll kill the alien people from the inside.

- New menu
- New colors for ponters, mechas, and interface (the red player didn’t make sense in mainly red backgrounds)
- Added Lifebar for bosses
- Corrected bug in multiplayer when player dies, has negative lives and came back in next level with hundred of lives (yeaaah… too bad)
- modified hormones emmiters so they don’t glitch anymore (confirm ?)
- lowered mecha life a little, too easy after putting invincibility in v0.7
- reduced timer in lvl2, 30sec was way too easy

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