Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Accio Hacks 1.0

by James0x57
Downloads codes from the WiiRD Code Database to the SD Card then allows you to select the codes you want to use. Finally, it creates a gct file that Gecko OS or Gecko OS Mod can apply to the game.

-Download codes from the WiiRD Code Database.
-Edit codes saved on the SD Card.
-Turn On the codes and create gct file.
-Self-Update if an update is available.
-Shiny, easy to use user interface.
-Automatically detects removal of SD Card.
-Automatically attaches universal codes to the file you download if they exist.

-Region Select added for online lists.
-Universal codes are included in a download.
-Update Notification made less intrusive.
-App starts on the main menu.
-"Update" option added to the main menu.
-Fixed "controlls" typo (multiple)
-Version number added to about page.

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