Wednesday, June 9, 2010

NUS Auto Downloader for Windows 4.1.4

by X-Flak, wiiNinja, WB3000, Leathl

Windows based wizard style program for up/downgrading to firmwares 4.2, 4.1 and 3.2 (Support for all wii's: U,E,J,K and even Region Changed formerly Korean wii's)

When using the download wizard, a custom guide will be generated based on the users answers to a few simple questions


-Added an optional "Extra Brick Protection" feature which will protect Wii's from accidentally changing to a system menu without having the IOS for that system menu already installed. NUSAD can grab many non-stubbed SM IOSs for the following system menu IOS slots (11,20,30,40,50,52,60). For system menu IOSs slots below 40, IOS60v6174-patched is installed in order to protect LU64+ wii's from using older incompatible IOSs. All of these IOSs have a version number that is equal to the Stub's version number plus 1 (so they will survive an official update). The normal IOS30-patched is still available for download in the batch download page.
-Fixed IOS70v54321(IOS60v6174-patched).wad for Korean Wii's, it used to download IOS70 instead of IOS60v6174, but now it grabs the right IOS.
-Removed option to patch system menu IOSs. Now they are always patched when using the wizard function. Non-patched IOS30, 60 and 70 are now instead available for download in the "Archived Downloads" page.
-Proper handing of stub IOSs in the Download Wizard. Now it will only download stub IOSs that should be present on your wii's specific firmware and region (ie. If I am installing SM4.1, it will not download any of the stubs that were released with v4.2). Stub IOSs for slots 200 and up will not be downloaded if your wii is either a virgin or you've selected to download recommended cIOSs. Stubbed System Menu IOSs will not be downloaded if you answered Yes to "Extra Brick Protection".
-Fixed Hash check when MMM's boot.dol is saved to the root of the Drive (ie. "COPY_TO_SD"). This only affected the HackMii Solutions Feature and the Download Wizard but only for Korean Virgin Wii's (or any Korean Wii installing the HBC).
-Some other minor changes.

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