Monday, November 2, 2009

LibELM 1.3x

by SquidMan

LibELM is a FAT driver, like libfat. However, LibELM is based on the amazing ELM FAT driver by ChaN. LibELM does NOT use a devoptab and as such, does not use the stdio functions (fopen, fread, etc.), but uses it's own. You can find all the information on how to use LibELM here:

LibELM is Wii only, at the moment, and supports SD card, USB stick, and should support SDGecko, but SDGecko has not been tested.

1.3x is out. Fixes tons of fatal flaws in 1.3. Get the latest µSync with it, it has important bugfixes too.

LibELM v1.3 is out! After a long long time of waiting, I can now proudly say that LibELM is superior to libFAT in every way! File accesses have changed to libFAT style (sd:/, usb:/, gca:/, and gcb:/). Cache, as well as a few other fixes, were added to v1.3 by yellow.wood.goblin, giving it speeds greater than libFat. DS support is in the works (supposedly, the DS code in there at the moment works on the AKRPG, but I have not tested the code, nor even checked to see if it compiles.) DLDI code is to be contributed by Normmatt.

-Fixed a few fatal flaws that rendered 1.3 unusable.
-Requires the newest version of µSync.

CHANGELOG v1.3 (True Final)
-Reentrancy support using µSync.
-Fixed directory listing.
-Cache for increased speeds.
-Changed drive names. libFAT styled now (sd:/, usb:/, gca:/, and gcb:/)
-Cleaner code.
-Start of DS code.
-Updated demo to take advantage of new features.

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