Tuesday, August 7, 2012

BoltThrower 0.70

by Titmouse
Bolt Thrower is currently single player Space Shoot 'Em Up.

Ver 0.70 - 21/01/2012
  • Added display thread for loading/updating 
  • Changed the way enemies move 
  • Small enemies now shoot back 
  • Mines now do damage to a small area, before they could only take out one thing! 
  • Added some new shielded enemies to the first mission 
  • Moon now terraforms in 2nd to last mession 
  • Made changes to the graphics 
  • Scrolling credits 
  • Last Mission is now a Survival Mission, things will hot up! 
  • Note:v0.70 has been sitting on the self for 6 months; sure I’ve missed commenting various changes. 
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