Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Newo Shooter 1.77a

by Owen
Newo Shooter is a rail shooter in a third-person and first-person 3D perspective. The player must navigate his spacecraft, through environments while various enemies (spaceships, robots, creatures, etc.) attack him. Enemies drop various power-ups (free lives, 50% health, weapon upgrades, shields) to help the player. The player receives a score on each level based on how many enemies destroyed. At the end of each level there is a boss that the player must defeat before progressing to the next level.

-Added 2 new levels. Total levels now 10.
-Added support for NunChuck, Classic, and Gamecube controllers.
-Added background music (Safe For Now by jmickle )
-Added new sound effects created using sfxr ( sound effect generator by DrPetter )
-Added options menu (in game press "+" or on title screen press "B" or "Start"):
-BGM Volume - set background music volume
-SE Volume - set sound effects volume
-Invert Up - switch the flying controls to be able to press up to move the ship down or reverse.
-HUD - hide the health meters and small text in game.
-Rumble - disable the wiimote rumble feature.
-Dual Stick - YES allows free control of the targeting cross-hair with the right stick ( classic / gamecube controllers)
-Pointer - same as above but with Wiimote IR (default=YES). When this is NO the target cursor follows movement of the ship.
-Quit/Exit - Leave the level or game.
-Added settings.txt (sound volume options, game variables and current planet are saved between games, woot!)
-Added new stardust effect "starhighway" (used in level 9 and 10).
-Added Blue power-up which increase player's bomb radius by 25x.
-Added ship pitch, ship yaw and banking effect to screen.
-Added small font for menus.
-Added new targeting system that follows the ship. (Set Pointer=NO in the options)
-Updated score system, bigger numbers and multipliers
-Added super awesomeness and fixed many little bugs in the game and levels.

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