Sunday, June 3, 2012

Homebrew Filter r39

by hamachi-mp
Homebrew Filter is an open source alternative to the Homebrew Channel. It also has custom theme support.

  • BUGFIX: before saving the update boot.dol, ensure directory apps/HomebrewFilter exists, if not create it
  • overall improvements to the NAND-loader in THBF channel (obcd)
  • BUGFIX: properly check whether we're in neek2o environment (obcd)
  • improved neek2o booter (obcd)
  • support for SD-Gecko and neek2o in HBF booter (obcd)
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Wii Mod 3.2

by jskyboo
A tool that will let you install IOSs, channels, system menus, and more!

  • Fixed AutoLoadIos
  • Warns of error 003 when patching korean key into IOS 70 or 80 on a non korean wii
  • Added DisableControllerButtonHold, if set to 1 menus will no longer react to buttons being held down
  • More Wiimote cleanup
  • USB fixed( but temperamental DisableSetAHBPROT = 1 AutoLoadIOS = 0 )
  • Now compiled with devkitPPC 26 and libogc
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WiiMC 1.2.7

Team leads : Tantric and rodries
Menu artwork : Sam Mularczyk
Logo design: Psyche & drmr

WiiMC (Wii Media Centre) is an open source media player for the Nintendo Wii. WiiMC - A complete media centre application for the Wii.

Features include:
  • Ability to play virtually any video or audio format
  • DVD playback, with DVD menu support
  • Picture viewer
  • Music player
  • Online media support, including SHOUTcast, YouTube, and Navi-X
  • SD, USB 2.0, SMB, HTTP, and FTP support
  • Attractive libwiigui-based interface, designed with the Wii in mind
  •     Fixed crash caused when leaving the Music area
  •     Synced to MPlayer r34946 and ffmpeg 307562be98b4
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PriiLoader 0.8 beta 4

by Daco, phpgeek, F_GOD, BadUncle
Priiloader is a modded version of Preloader. just like preloader, Priiloader places itself in boot sequence before the system menu. by this priiloader has the ability to:
  • patch memory just like StartPatch or Preloader. hacks.ini should be on the sd root(only once, they get copied to NAND) and can be found here.
  • save wii from banner & other kind of bricks that aren't ios/boot2/nand corruption related
  • start something else than system menu on power up (a dol file, bootmii, homebrew channel)
  • The variable magicword has been optimized for code 0x817FEFF0.
  • The libogc library received a new update.
  • Many stabilities and bug fixes were made.
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Priibooter GUI 2.6

by stfour
Postloader launcher for Priiloader.

  • better fade in
  • added rotating icon during device init
  • a little faster
  • added homebrew icon (thx joostin
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ModMii v6.1.4

by X-Flak, wiiNinja, WB3000, Leathl
ModMii, formerly known as NUS Auto-Downloader, is able to download all the files needed to modify ANY Wii (4.3U/E/J/K and Below); it can generate custom guides based on your Wii's specifications, and save the files to your SD Card in their appropriate locations for easy offline softmodding.

Literally run the program once, let it download, and you have all the files you need on your SD card to modify your Wii

  •     It can download all the files necessary to Modify, Upgrade & Downgrade your Wii System Menu
  •     Able to build a custom easy to follow guide to setting up a USB-Loader (including how to format/partition your external hard drive)
  •     Install SNEEK, build emulated NANDs, and Batch Extract Wii/Gamecube Games for use with SNEEK+DI or UNEEK+DI
  •     Load NEEK on a Wii without softmodding it using the Abistence Wizard
  •     Region Change Your Wii
  •     Update only your outdated softmods based on a syscheck log from your Wii
  •     Download individual IOS/cIOS files, Official Wii Channels, System Menus, Wii Apps, DML, etc.
  •     Install patched IOSs without an wifi connection on your Wii
  •     Customize Bootmii, Wad Manager and MMM start-up settings using ModMii Configurators to create a custom config files
  •     This is also capable of building many different System Menu Themes (csm's and themed SM Wads)
  •     Provides a solution for the upside-down homebrew channel and the HackMii installer No Vulnerable IOS problems
  •     Advanced Custom Downloads Feature will allow you to easily patch and change the slot/version of IOSs/cIOSs. It can also build 3 different types of forwarder dol's and iso's (only use this feature if you know what you are doing!!)
  •     Save\Load custom Download Queues
  •     and much much more!
6.1.4 Changelog:
  • Minor changes and typo corrections.
6.1.3 Changelog:
  • Updated versions of DML from its newest google code page are now supported by ModMii.
  • Other minor changes.
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Not64 1.1

by Extrems

Nintendo 64 emulator for Wii.

  •     Built with devkitRice.
  •     Available for Wii and GameCube.
  •     SMB share support from WiiSX.
  •     IDE-EXI v1 support.
  •     AESND-powered audio.
  •     Minor performance enhancements.
  •     Absolutely no compatibility improvements.
  •     Graphics quality tweaks.
  •     Recognize the NTSC Zelda bonus disc.
New options:
  •     ScalePitch
  •     Changes pitch according to emulation speed.
  •     TrapFilter
  •     Affects composite video, similar to GameCube output.
  •     Recommended for lower-end CRT TVs.
  •     smbusername, smbpassword, smbsharename, smbipaddr
  •     Hopefully self-explanatory.
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QRevPAK r4

by Izhido
Quake Rev PAK is a collection of gaming engines, related to the Quake series of games by id Software, modified to run on the Nintendo Wii, using the popular devkitPPC toolchain for homebrew development.

The provided launcher will start the following games (provided that their respective game data files were copied into the installation folder):

-Quake (using the Q1Rev engine)
-QuakeWorld (using the QWRev engine)
-Quake II (using the Q2Rev engine)
-Quake II Threewave Capture The Flag (using the Q2CTFRev engine)

  •     New GX-accelerated builds of Q2Rev and Q2CTFRev.
  •     Support for the official Quake and Quake II Mission Packs, now available in the Quake Rev PAK launcher.
  •     Lots of bug fixes, including an embarrasing one where left & right sound channels were inverted (oops!)
  •     Fixed a problem with Quake II savegame files, which were not compatible between releases. Starting from Release 4, all new savegame files will work as expected.
  •     Also starting from this release, it will be required that the game data folders be located inside folders called "Q1" and "Q2" at the engines folder level. This will help having Quake and Quake II data separated, and thus be able to play the "rogue" Mission Packs (Dissolution of Eternity, Ground Zero).
NOTICE: The config.cfg data generated by previous releases of the Q2Rev and Q2CTFRev engines might contain invalid data. It is recommended that you delete them before playing the Quake II games. The engines will recreate the config.cfg files when they are not found.

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EDuke32 Wii r2685

by EDuke32 Team
EDuke32 Wii (also known as WiiDuke32) is a Wii port of Duke Nukem 3D using EDuke32.

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FBZX Wii v3

by Oibaf
FBZX is a ZX Spectrum emulator for FrameBuffer written by Sergio Costas and ported to Wii by Oibaf.

  • Emulates accurately the Original 48Kspectrum (both issue 2 and issue 3), the classic 128K, the Amstrad Plus 2, the Amstrad Plus 2A and the Spanish 128K. This includes screen, keyboard and sound (both speaker and AY-3-8912 chip).
  • Screen emulation is extremely accurate, so it can emulate border effects and even attribute effects.
  • Supports Z80 snapshots, both loading and saving, and loading .SNA snapshots.
  • Supports TAP (both read and write) and TZX (only read) tape files, supporting normal speed loading and fast speed loading.
  • Emulates up to 2 joysticks of types: kempston, cursor and sinclair1 and sinclair2.
  • All the wiimote, nunchuck and classic controller buttons and joypads are fully configurable.
  • Virtual keyboard support.
  • Emulates the Interface I and Microdrive.
  • Emulates the ULAPlus
  • Based in a new, fully free, Z80 emulator (Z80Free).
 Version 3
  •     Added arrows keys binding to joysticks
  •     Added game configuration management
  •     Changed general configuration management
  •     Added ultraspeed turbo mode
  •     Added ULA+ contention
  •     Fixed bug in sound and increased volume
  •     Fixed some bugs in Z80 emulation. Ant Attack works now
  •     Fixed some other small bugs 
Version 2
  •     Added smb support
  •     Added usb disk support
  •     Added joypad as joystick function
  •     Added saving of all configurations and buttons
  •     Improved virtual keyboard
  •     Fixed bug in sound emulation
  •     Fixed some other small bugs 

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Pingus 0.7.6

by r-win
 Pingus is a free Lemmings-like puzzle game covered under the GNU GPL. It features currently 77 playable levels

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Project M Demo 2.1

Project M is a community-made mod of Brawl inspired by Super Smash Bros. Melee's gameplay designed to add rich, technical gameplay to a balanced cast of characters while additionally enhancing the speed of play. Project M employs new codes which seamlessly add in new, universal features to the entire cast to add technical variety to all characters.
Project M is playable on ANY NTSC Wii, without any hardware modification, and even without any longterm software modification. All that is needed to get started is an SD card and a copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

 2.1 brings tons of fixes to the bugs you reported. Keep in mind, not everything was fixed but most of the gameplay-affecting bugs were fixed (such as freezes). We tried our very best to address as many issues as were known since v2.0

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